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Get A Higher Return On Your Asset Sale

14 July 2016

Are you closing your business? Do you have surplus equipment you need to sell?


Are you looking for the highest possible return?

As a business owner, you can sell off your assets on your own, but that takes time and resources. First of all, you have to consider the work involved in preparing for a sale. For a successful sale, you will have to prepare inventory lists, clean and showcase assets, price inventory, and arrange it for sale. And that does not necessarily guarantee the highest possible return. You could make a loss. It takes a combination of industry knowledge and experience to get the best value from your asset sale.

If you need to liquidate your business assets, an auction may be the best option for you. Getting a professional business liquidation auctioneer can save you time and help you earn higher proceeds on the sale.

That's where Gray's​ O'Maras come in.

We know how to market and run your auction so that your assets earn the highest total revenue possible. We also take the preparatory work off your shoulders, run the sale and process payments. By choosing Gray's​ O'Maras, you also expand the market for the sale by leveraging the Proxibid market place, resulting in more bidders and higher bids for inventory.

From small business to multinationals, the team at Gray's​ O'Maras have the experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure the process of your asset sale is smooth, timely and cost effective.

If you have assets you need to sell, contact Gray's​ O'Maras to learn more about how we can help you liquidate your assets.


Get A Higher Return On Your Asset Sale

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