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Buying Second-Hand Business Equipment Can Be A Smart Business Decision

24 October 2016

Did you know that on average there are about 44 small businesses that close their doors each day ; and this year we have also seen some major retailers disappear with the likes of Dick Smith and Masters. These closures, while sad for the Australian business landscape, can be a great opportunity for growing small businesses.

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding through business growth, or setting up a new division, buying second-hand equipment can be a smart business decision.

Buying all new business equipment requires a large outlay of capital and can tie up valuable cash flow, hampering other areas of the business. As your accountant will probably tell you, cash is king, and cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Positive cash flow means your business is running smoothly and gives you more opportunity to grow.

When people think of buying pre-owned business equipment at auction, more often than not they think desks, chairs and printers; whereas in fact, these are just a few of the common items that are often up for auction.

Second-hand business equipment regularly available at auction can include anything from coffee machines, phone systems, computers and POS machines, right through to manufacturing and industrial items such as forklifts, trolleys, shelving, tools and more.

O’Maras also often brings to auction a wide range of speciality items including hospitality and catering equipment, sound equipment, farm machinery, building equipment, and even the odd chocolate manufacturing machinery and railway track laying equipment!

If you’re in the market to either sell or buy pre-owned business equipment then talk to the auction experts at O’Maras.


Buying Second-Hand Business Equipment Can Be A Smart Business Decision

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