Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Register

The asset register is the cornerstone of the asset management framework for any business. No matter the number of assets that the business holds, the register keeps asset information such as life-cycle information that can assist with asset planning and performance monitoring. The register can be used to match against depreciation schedules, insurance registers, or assist with scheduling plant maintenance.

At O'Maras, we can assess your assets by looking at the normal useful life, effective age, remaining useful life, current condition, the maintenance programmes in place, the lifecycle costs, and project replacement timings. By establishing your asset registry, O'Maras can assist you to meet accounting standard requirements and legislative compliance.

Asset Tagging

For bigger companies that have assets moving between sites, O'Maras can streamline your asset register process and implement an easily maintained asset tagging system. With an asset tag you can record the items location, condition, and normal usage, as well as warranty information and service records.

Particularly useful for businesses where the assets move between departments or business sites, asset tagging allows you to not only tag each asset but also track every component of every part of every major operational asset.


At O'Maras, we are experienced at assisting our clients with stocktakes as part of a valuation, business sale process, and for insurance purposes. O'Maras' experienced team can assist or manage your stocktake saving you time and resources. We carry out the stocktake process quickly, efficiently, and with as little disruption to your day-to-day business as possible.