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About Proxibid

Since 2013, O’Maras Valuers & Auctioneers has partnered with Proxibid, the most trusted online Marketplace for buying and selling highly valued items, to deliver live auction webcasts, timed auctions, and expressions of interest for O’Maras via Proxibid’s sophisticated online selling platform. O’Maras is the first auction company in Australia to leverage the Proxibid Marketplace to sell assets to buyers located anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.


Marketplace Reach

Buyers from more than 190 countries participate in online sales with inventory from consignors located throughout the world. With headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, and offices in London, UK, Proxibid’s Marketplace spans the globe. In February 2015, Proxibid and eBay announced a partnership that integrates inventory from Proxibid directly into the eBay marketplace, extending Proxibid’s reach to eBay’s 157 million global buyers. 

O’Maras is the exclusive, certified reseller of Proxibid’s services in New South Wales, Australia, providing auction companies across the continent with access to Proxibid’s world-class auction platform and marketing solutions.  


Marketplace Flexibility

Proxibid’s flexible platform allows sellers to use multiple transaction methods, depending on their urgency to sell. Inventory can easily move from an expression of interest sale to a timed or live auction. Proxibid is the only online platform to offer this level of flexibility, putting the power of the Marketplace to work for your business.

  • Searchable asset listings include complete descriptions, photos and offer submission forms, increasing buyer confidence in your sales.
  • Open channel for dialogue and negotiation between buyer and seller for expression of interest sales.
  • Audio and video ensures online buyers can see and hear the auctioneer and participate just as if they were at the live auction.
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities.


Marketplace Security

Proxibid’s best-in-class risk management is behind every sale—whether directly in the Proxibid Marketplace or through our eBay partnership. Our system is a sophisticated hybrid of proprietary technology and third-party partnerships, managed by an in-house team of risk and security experts. 

  • Our proprietary, bank-quality risk mitigation tool, MarketGuard™, vets every buyer ensuring they are qualified to participate in your sale. 
  • Proxibid offers dispute resolution services in those rare situations when you come to an impasse with a buyer regarding a transaction. This is a unique service not provided by competitors.

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